Client Spotlight: John’s Story

John is a client that we are proud to showcase for this month’s success story. John is seventeen years old and has been with Phoenix House Academy in our residential treatment program for the last three months and has remained sober since checking himself in. John was in our program about a year ago, after being put on probation. He emphasized that he was not ready to get clean at this point, would continuously leave, and was eventually discharged from the program.

John shared that his trauma history from childhood was a large part of the reason that he turned to drugs as a teenager. For three years, he was smoking crack, turning tricks, and chasing highs in all forms- sex, drugs, and theft. After leaving Phoenix House Academy the first time, he re-entered the world to find out that his pimp had died from a drug overdose and his boyfriend broke up with him. Needless to say, he turned to drugs to cope. He added alcohol to his drug use and eventually found himself in the hospital. It was at this point that he decided he wanted to get clean and brought himself back to Phoenix House.

During his time here, John has dedicated himself to remaining clean and learning about “healthier highs,” like working out, experimenting with make-up, and planning for his future. John has a goal of getting into his own place when he leaves here, going to cosmetology school, and making a life for himself. We are beyond proud of the progress he has made and will continue to support him and other clients in figuring out positive ways to deal and to help identify their passion, goals, and visions for the future.

*Client’s name has been replaced to maintain confidentiality.