Behavioral Health Intervention & Support Services

The Behavioral Health Intervention & Support Services program offers evidence-based prevention and intervention services to Orange County children & teens, ages 8-18 years old, with the goal of increasing positive character attributes and decreasing negative behaviors. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of highly qualified school, mental health, and community outreach professionals.

Our program utilizes Positive Action, an evidence-based curriculum that teaches and reinforces the intuitive philosophy that youth feel good about themselves when they act in healthy, positive ways.

What is Behavioral Health?

The development of self-esteem with the cognitive, emotional, and social skills to overcome life’s challenges.

Why is it important?

Behavioral health prevention and intervention services have been shown to increase the frequency of positive behaviors.

“It is your place in the world;
it’s your life. Go on and do
all you can with it, and make
it the life you want to live.

–Mae Jemison

Family Intervention is a 10-week parenting and life-skills training based on the Evidence-Based Strengthening Families Program and is intended to improve family communication, relationships, bonding, and connectedness and reduce risky behaviors. The program begins with bonding over a family meal, followed by group sessions that teach parenting skills, life skills, and strategies to enrich family relationships.

Selective Prevention addresses bullying, anger management, conflict resolution, drug prevention, and self-esteem via skills-based large groups of 25 students. Selective Preventions uses the Positive Action Evidence-Based Curriculum and is offered to high-risk students in 30-minute classes over 12 weeks.

Intensive Prevention is offered to children & teens, ages 8-18 years old – via ten weekly 30-minute lessons using the Positive Action Evidence-Based Curriculum. It addresses self-concept, peer pressure, life skills, positive decision-making, kindness, and respect.


Both Positive Action and Strengthening Families Program have the potential to increase protective factors including the following:

For the Individual: Improves self-esteem, social and life skills, resistance to negative peer influences, positive interpersonal relationships, and effective communication with others.

For Families: Improves effective parenting, family organization, effective communication, parent-child relationship, and parental mental health.


For Schools: Improves school attendance, academic performance, and school safety.

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Positive Action


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Bullying Behaviors


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Substance Abuse

“Go confidently in the
direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have

–Henry David Thoreau

Funded by: The County of Orange Health Care Agency (OHCA).
Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and intervention Division.
Mental Health Service Act/Prop 63