Outpatient and School Based Mental Health Services

Mental health services are provided to children (0 – 21 years old) as well as their families. The focus of services is on addressing mental health issues ranging from depression, anxiety, aggression, ADHD, trauma, substance use and much more. A comprehensive team including a clinician, case manager, and supervisor support the child/adolescent and their families to decrease mental health symptoms, improve functioning at home, in school, or in the community so they can live a healthy life and be able to function within these core areas.

Children and adolescents are referred by their schools and county welfare agencies, but county mental health agencies and families can also self-refer.

Services are provided in the clinic, home, school, community as well as via telehealth. Services are designed to meet the needs of the family and include individual, family, parenting, medication management, and case management.


Services are designed for high-risk children and teens who may have issues such as anxiety, school refusal, eating disorders, PTSD, drug use, depression, or other mood disorders.


Services are provided with a focus through a trauma informed lens and attention to cultural and socioeconomic challenges that the child/adolescent may be experiencing.

We work closely with school administrators, counseling staff and teachers to ensure the clients are improving both in school and in their home.

The average amount of time the child/adolescent stays in the program is 6 – 9 months, but each case is unique. Expected outcomes are improvement in family functioning, including better communication, improved parenting skills, improvement in the student’s academic performance, and a decrease of mental health symptoms (depression/anxiety). Our therapists also provide psychoeducation to help families understand mental health illness.



Phoenix House California also has agreements with several schools in the community to provide school based mental health services on the school campus.

Mental Health and case management services are provided to students that are struggling with behaviors impacting their school attendance and academic success. Students are identified as having behavioral issues such as noncompliant behavior (excessive absences, running away, fighting with peers and adults) as well as having learning issues. More mild cases may include students negatively affected by transitional issues such as divorce, separations, or problems with social skills. Some of the more serious cases referred to us are due to depression (suicidal ideation/or attempts) and anxiety.


Working alongside school administrators, counselors, teachers, school psychologists and other personnel, mental health providers create and implement behavioral programs, often guided by individual education plan goals and behavioral assessments. Our staff assist in executing interventions that impact students both on school campus and at home. Mental Health providers can focus support to individual students and/or provide full classroom intervention. Providers also support parents through consultation, coaching, and groups; helping them better understand their kid’s social and emotional needs.


Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.

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