We're helping people live extraordinary lives in recovery
ADDICTION is not a moral failing but a chronic illness that must be treated with urgency and compassion
9 in 10 people with substance use disorders started using by age 18


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Phoenix House California Addiction Treatment Center

Rehabilitation Center - Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Addiction Help


For over 40 years, Phoenix House California has been dedicated to helping men, women, and young people in our community on their journey to overcome substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and mental health disorders so that they can go on to live rich and fulfilling lives in recovery.

We pride ourselves on offering hope to the members of our community who need it most and a chance at recovery for those who are uninsured or otherwise unable to pay for substance abuse and behavioral health treatment services. Whether you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or a mental health disorder, we’re here to help you heal.

Our team of addiction treatment and behavioral health therapists are leaders in the field of substance abuse treatment. We are deeply passionate, not only about helping those challenged by substance use and mental health disorders, but also about affecting change within our community through addiction education and prevention.

1 in 7 Americans will develop a substance use disorder, but only 1 in 10 will get treatment.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Addiction is one of America’s most challenging public health problems and effects everyone. It’s a disease that crosses gender, ethnicity, age, and socio-economic lines. There is no cure for addiction, but it can be effectively treated, and we are committed to helping young people, women, and men overcome substance abuse to live extraordinary lives in recovery.

Learn about how PHCA is working to help vulnerable kids change their stories.

Rehab Center,  Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Addiction Help

Change the story for… 

When I was high, I didn’t think about how ugly I thought I looked or how badly I felt inside. I let people take advantage of me because I didn’t feel worthwhile. Now I love myself and I am beautiful.

Addiction isn’t invincible.

We know what needs to be done and we have the expertise to do it.

Evidence-Based Programs

We use a range of evidence-based methods, from cognitive behavioral therapy to medication- assisted

Local Partners

We partner with schools and organizations to raise awareness of substance misuse and addiction on
the community.


Our programs are California Department of Health Care Services & Drug Medi-Cal certified, and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Our Services

We offer a number of services for those seeking help with their alcohol or drug addiction in addition to ongoing care for people who are already in recovery. We also provide school-based mental health, substance abuse, and drug prevention services that seek to alter the future of addiction through education.

Now offering Detox & Peer Mentoring Services at our Santa Ana location.


The Benefits of Seeking Early Treatment

Many people who struggle with a substance use disorder don’t seek the help of a drug or alcohol treatment program until their lives have spun out of control and their addiction has caused them to lose their job, damage their relationships, or seriously compromise their health.

These traumatic events can all be avoided through early intervention. Seeking early treatment will not only help to prevent potentially irreparable harm to your personal life, but it also offers a more practical and affordable way to address an issue with substance abuse that has a higher rate of success.

When you decide to check in to an alcohol or drug treatment program before the problem has the chance to escalate beyond your control, you give yourself a better chance for a brighter future.

We serve more than 37,000 people each year with life saving treatment.

*Statistics are from FY19. 783 in Residential Programs. 675 in Outpatient and Wrap-Around Programs. 31,900 in Prevention Programs. 4,000 in Prison Programs.

How do you end addiction?
You start with prevention.

At Phoenix House California, we recognize that addiction is a brain disease that is as complex as it is deadly…not as the moral failure that it is too often made out to be. We’re passionate about reducing this stigma in order to provide opportunities for treatment for people who would not have them otherwise.

We strongly believe that the number one way to break the cycle of addiction is through prevention. Prevention begins with education. 90% of people who struggle with a substance use disorder began using drugs or alcohol before the age of 18. Addressing drug and alcohol use in adolescents is an urgent matter, and it begins with knowing the facts. By educating young people about the potential lifelong consequences of the misuse of drugs or alcohol, we confront addiction at its source.

We help kids escape addiction and create a ripple effect that can last for generations.

Compassionate Behavioral Healthcare

Founded in 1979, Phoenix House California is a nonprofit, community-based behavioral healthcare organization that provides substance abuse and mental health treatment to youth and adults and offers life-saving services to over 37,000 people every year.


Who We Are

We are committed to helping people overcome substance abuse & mental health disorders.

What We Do

We provide addiction, prevention, and mental health services to anyone who needs our help.

How You Help

Join us in the fight against addiction. We are Stronger Together.

Why Choose Us?

Rehab Center – Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Addiction Help

If you’re looking for an alcohol or drug treatment program that not only treats the symptoms of addiction, but also serves the whole person, Phoenix House California may be the answer for you. Our team of addiction treatment and behavioral health therapists seek to address the underlying causes of substance abuse in order to give patients the best chance at a long-term successful recovery.