Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services for Adults

We provide an environment in which change is possible.

Santa Ana, Lake View Terrace & Venice Substance Use Outpatient Treatment

Adults enter intensive or traditional outpatient programs after residential treatment, while living at home or in sober living facilities and together we create an individualized treatment plan for sustained recovery, healing, and personal growth.

We connect clients to community resources for medical services, & job readiness, parenting classes, family services, as well as relapse prevention groups.

Outpatient Care for Adults

We provide an environment in which change is possible. At Phoenix House California, we’re dedicated to helping young people, women, and men to overcome substance use disorders through comprehensive outpatient services that are paired with compassion.

We specialize in helping people that are struggling with mental health disorders to live extraordinary lives through the power of a purposeful recovery process.

We help the insured and uninsured in our community and provide the essential care and resources that people in recovery need to get life back on track.

Our approach to outpatient rehabilitation is versatile and flexible. It is designed to meet the needs of every person that we serve. Treatment sessions can be scheduled throughout the week at varying times to accommodate busy home and work schedules.

At Phoenix House California, our outpatient services are designed to help people who are overcoming substance use and mental health disorders to maintain their independence, while still receiving comprehensive recovery services.

Outpatient services may include anything from counseling sessions to medication distribution, as needed. These appointments are an opportunity for people in recovery to learn strategies for managing emotions and dealing with issues surrounding their mental health and substance use disorder in a healthy and productive way.
Our outpatient rehab center employs a team of highly trained and compassionate therapists that are skilled in a variety of treatment styles. This allows them to easily tailor services to fit patient needs.

Through consistent and progressive therapy sessions, patients utilizing our outpatient addiction services are provided with evidence-based strategies that help them to find solutions that work. These solutions are customized to address issues specific to behaviors, thought processes, and feelings that are linked to addiction, substance use disorder, or mental health disorders.

Services are primarily offered to Medi-Cal-eligible clients. Payment options include the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, APS Bethesda, Beacon-Value Options, Cigna, Humana (Lifesynch), HealthNet, Magellan, MHN, Kaiser, United Behavioral Health UBH, and Seaside Healthcare (Memorial Care). All major credit cards are accepted.

For additional information, please contact Phoenix House California’s Admissions Supervisor, Molly Shigeta at (657) 289-5808.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services for Adults

Recovery isn’t an instantaneous achievement. It’s a sustained process that requires continuous healing and long-term personal growth goals.

At Phoenix House California, our customized outpatient rehabilitation services are structured to accommodate patients in all stages of recovery. We provide the continuing care that’s necessary after an individual has left residential treatment.

Many of the patients that we work with in our outpatient rehabilitation program are living at home or in sober living facilities. Within their life and work schedules, our team provides the recovery services that are required to help them stay on track with their wellness goals.

Above all, our outpatient services are designed to help recovering adults to solidify their commitment to their sobriety. These groups are facilitated by licensed therapists that understand the many challenges that come along with addiction, mental health disorders, and substance use disorders. Sessions are held weekly to ensure that recovery is a consistent process for participants.

Through our outpatient program, we also provide people in recovery with community resources that benefit their goals. This might include anything from family services and job placement assistance to parenting classes, relapse prevention groups, and medical services, as needed.

Intensive Care Services

Graduating from a residential treatment program is a major accomplishment. However, for many people in recovery, it’s just one of many essential steps towards reaching their lifelong health goals.

For people who are serious about abstaining from alcohol and drug abuse over the long-term, our intensive outpatient services are often a great choice. These programs allow participants to work out in the world, but provide the structure required to successfully stick to a sobriety plan.

Our intensive outpatient addiction rehabilitation services and programs are built to track progress. These programs are designed to not only establish a treatment plan with defined parameters, but also to include measurable milestones to show growth.

Intensive care programs are ideal for people who are motivated by meeting milestones. As participants progress through the program and meet goals within their plan, the time that they’re required to invest in treatment each week decreases accordingly.

Day Programs and Services

People in recovery who require the highest level of care to maintain their sobriety or combat mental health disorders will find the solutions that they seek in our day programs.

Sessions are held on-site at our facility and attendance is required daily by participants. After sessions are complete, patients can return to the sober living facility or home they reside in.

Oftentimes, patients in day programs benefit greatly from being connected to other community resources, as well. Expanding their network of local resources is a good way to stay in line with personal goals, while simultaneously benefiting their loved ones.

It’s not uncommon for our day program participants to participate in parenting classes or receive services related to vocational training. People who participate in family-related services may find that they’re simultaneously creating more secure bonds with loved ones that lead to a more successful recovery.

The Many Advantages of Outpatient Rehabilitation

There are many reasons why someone that is seeking recovery from addiction, mental health disorders, and substance abuse may choose outpatient rehabilitation. For some, it’s the next step after time has been spent at a residential treatment facility. For others, it’s a choice that integrates well with their life goals and daily responsibilities.

People who can’t attend residential treatment, often find outpatient programs to be a successful solution. Compared to inpatient programs, outpatient treatment is decidedly more accessible and flexible.

In terms of flexibility, outpatient programs are designed to work in tandem with patient schedules and daily responsibilities. Individuals with jobs or families to attend to can easily schedule their sessions and services around these important factors.

For many patients that elect to be part of outpatient treatment programs, the decision comes down to family support. Having loved ones to encourage patients towards success is often a key element in a quicker recovery.

In many outpatient programs, this support is taken a step further as family members are actively integrated and involved in the program’s structure. Their encouragement and visible role in the recovery process can help participants to stay more confident on their path of sobriety.

Recovery is an on-going process and the goal of treatment isn’t simply to eliminate substance use—it’s to help the person with addiction continue to move forward in life – outpatient care is key to recovery.

Choosing Phoenix House California for Your Outpatient Services

At Phoenix House California, compassion, knowledge, and dedication to recovery lead the way to success for our patients. Our in-house experts understand and address the intricate underlying causes that lead to substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and detrimental behavioral patterns.

Our goal is to give every patient the tools, resources, and support they need to enjoy long-term recovery. This requires a customized approach to care that takes individual needs into account.

We’re proud to provide a full range of services and programs that meet every patient exactly where they are in the recovery process. Assessment, treatment, planning, and recovery support are the pillars of our work that help us to pair patients with the solutions that will work for them.

The treatments that we utilize at Phoenix House California enjoy a legacy of success amongst the patients we serve. Our methods are backed by scientific evidence and we closely monitor how these methods attribute to recovery across varying addictions and disorders.

Patients who partner with Phoenix House California will find that our services are not designed to treat a single issue, but instead take a holistic view of the individual. Symptoms are single components of addiction. To achieve recovery, it’s important to look at the whole picture.

We thoroughly assess every patient to best understand their needs and create a plan of action that will lead to a successful recovery. Our approach prioritizes recovery in an environment that’s safe and supportive, while offering the privacy and dignity patients deserve.

Believe in the Power of Change

If you or a loved one are looking for help to reach your recovery goals, the Phoenix House California team can help. We know it’s possible to lead an extraordinary life in recovery and we have the resources to help make it happen.

Contact us today to learn more about our line-up of addiction recovery programs and services that cater to patient needs. We’ll walk you through the options to help you find a program that’s right for you.

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