Withdrawal Management

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Withdrawal management at Phoenix House in Santa Ana is a non-medical supervised detoxification with an average stay of seven days. On admission, clients are medically screened, receive a physical examination, and are evaluated for taper, support, and psychiatric medications to ensure withdrawals are completed with minimal symptoms.

  • Clients are closely monitored for their safety with vital signs checked every 30 minutes
  • Facility is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Services include cognitive behavioral intervention groups
  • Assistance in scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Clients provided with clinical assessments for additional resources

Services are primarily offered to Medi-Cal-eligible clients. Payment options include the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, APS Bethesda, Beacon-Value Options, Cigna, Humana (Lifesynch), HealthNet, Magellan, MHN, Kaiser, United Behavioral Health UBH, and Seaside Healthcare (Memorial Care). All major credit cards are accepted.

For additional information, please contact oc_detox@phoenixhouseca.org or (714) 752-0854.

At PHCA, we provide a safe and caring environment to begin your journey to heal.

For additional information, please contact us.

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