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Withdrawal management at Phoenix House in Santa Ana is a non-medical supervised detoxification with an average stay of seven days. On admission, clients are medically screened, receive a physical examination, and are evaluated for taper, support, and psychiatric medications to ensure withdrawals are completed with minimal symptoms.

  • Clients are closely monitored for their safety with vital signs checked every 15 minutes
  • Facility is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Services include cognitive behavioral intervention groups
  • Assistance in scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Clients provided with clinical assessments for additional resources

Services are primarily offered to Medi-Cal-eligible clients. Payment options include the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, APS Bethesda, Beacon-Value Options, Cigna, Humana (Lifesynch), HealthNet, Magellan, MHN, Kaiser, United Behavioral Health UBH, and Seaside Healthcare (Memorial Care). All major credit cards are accepted.

For additional information, please contact Phoenix House California’s Insurance Concierge, Jeanette Barreto at (661) 208-9113.

At PHCA, we provide a safe and caring environment to begin your journey to heal.

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