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1. Volunteer with us

We are grateful for your interest in volunteering with Phoenix House California. If you would like to volunteer at Phoenix House California, please click below to fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

2. Share your story

Submit a story of hope or courage and inspire others on their recovery journey.

Drug Rehab Success Story


When I was high, I didn’t think about how ugly I thought I looked or how badly I felt inside. I let people take advantage of me because I didn’t feel worthwhile. Now I love myself and I am beautiful.
Prevent Drug Abuse
Anxiety disorders impact an estimated one in eight kids and teens. Left untreated, childhood anxiety can result in poor school performance, poor social functioning, and even substance abuse.

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4. Stigma Free OC

Stigma Free OC is a county-wide movement which aims to clear the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. Stigma can make it difficult to see people for who they really are beyond the conditions they are living with. The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of these illnesses by creating an environment where people are seen and supported in their efforts to achieve wellness and recovery. Sign the pledge to be stigma free.