A COMMITMENT to best practices in governance, accountability and transparency.


As a nonprofit organization, Phoenix House California deeply values the trust that has been placed in us. Clients trust our clinicians and counselors to support them in their recovery with compassion, care and expertise. Partners trust us to carry out our evidence-based treatment, prevention and holistic approaches with the highest standards. And our public and private funders trust us to use their funds to advance our programs effectively and efficiently.

To safeguard this critical trust, Phoenix House California is committed to best practices in governance, accountability and transparency. This commitment exists at all levels of the organization.

Executive Team

Alice Gleghorn, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Cory Brosch

Vice President, Clinical Director

Brian Cropp

Vice President of Human Resources

Edgar Carapetian

Vice President of Finance

Hened Ayala


Michael A. Joseph, MS, CADC-CAS

Senior Director of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Maja Trochimczyk, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Planning & Development

Natalie Dolishny

Senior Director of Development

Jeanette Barreto, MPA

Senior Director of Community Partnerships